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It is found in the face and in our sense organ that affects our appearance the most. Nose aesthetics in the nose of our patients, arches, bulges, skewers, etc.. are able to make them look much more smoothly. Nose aesthetics should be done at a young age and doctors should be contacted in the field before the procedure.

How is nose aesthetics done?

Anesthesia is applied to the patient before the operation. Thus, the patient is more comfortable during the procedure and the procedure can be performed more easily.
The process starts from the nostrils by cutting to the area of application and the nose is shaped and corrected according to the desired.

What is the process of recovery after nose aesthetics?

After the procedure, various pain may be felt in the patient's nose. Some people may experience pain for up to 1 week, while others may not suffer for even one day. In very painful situations, cold press application will relieve the pain.