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Excimer Laser is a high-tech product that "reshapes" the cornea with ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 193 nm and thus corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Who Can apply Excimer Laser?

Only qualified ophthalmologist specialists can do this.

Can Anyone be treated with Excimer Laser?

According to the statistical data, excimer laser is suitable for approximately 85% of all patients. The persons suitable for laser treatment are;

Detailed examinations are required for application of laser therapy. As a result, the eye structure can be laser-treated by the physician.

What are the Reasons for not to apply Excimer Laser to a Patient?

May Cataracts Occur After Laser Surgery?

Cataract disease has nothing to do with laser. It is an old age disease caused by aging of the cataract eye lens. Laser surgery does not prevent cataract surgery in future.

What changes in your life after laser treatment?