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Today, it is possible to have much more natural teeth with implant treatment. Implant treatment provides a much more natural appearance than other bridge and prosthetic treatments.

Implants is an artificial tooth root which is mostly screwed into the jaw in order to replace missing teeth. Because the jawbone perceives titanium as part of the body, implants are mostly made of titanium, and the success rate of the implants is high due to high tissue compliance. The reason why it is used very commonly in the dentistry is that it can be used in a very wide range from single tooth deficiencies to patients with no teeth. This application is carried out without interfering with neighboring teeth. it has become one of the most applied treatment methods in this century because its chewing sensation is closest to normal and it has the possibility of treatment without interfering with other teeth.

For whom the Implant can be Applied?

People with good general health status, healthy gums and bone in the jaw to support the implants and those who have good oral care will gain a high success rate in implant treatment. In some cases, the amount of bone is not sufficient for implant placement. If bone loss is high, implants can be implanted by providing advanced substructure for implant placement using advanced techniques.

How to apply the Implant?

Implant application is usually done in two stages. For a standard implant application that does not require more advanced surgical procedures, the gum is carefully removed after anesthesia of the region by performing local anesthesia to the implant site in the first stage. The implant is placed by preparing its place in the bone in accordance with the previously determined bone thickness and height. In the second stage of the implant application, after the bone is placed in a closed position, the teeth implants are placed and implant procedures are started.

Is the Implant Surgery Hazardous?

Implant surgery may have minor risks as well as every surgical procedure. It is a safe treatment when everything is done correctly.

How Long Does the Implant Treatment Take?

Implant treatment for a single tooth may take approximately 10-20 minutes. This time depends on how many implants to perform. After the procedure, the integration of the tooth with the bone can take up to 3 months. After this procedure, the implants to be placed on the teeth are placed in 2-3 sessions. And the patient has long-lasting natural teeth.

What are the requirements for long-lasting implants?

Implants are also associated with gums and bones, such as teeth, and the diseases appearing in these structures may affect the implants. If a good oral care cannot be made, the gingiva around the implants may cause inflammation of the gums and cause problems such as loss of implants. As with natural teeth, you can also apply oral care to the perimeter of the implants and you can use your implants in a healthy way for a long time.