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When we visited museums, we all saw: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, combs, perfume bottles, blends, etc. from ivory, gold, silver etc. All of these prove that the women have been trying to look younger, beautiful and attractive for centuries. For this purpose, they have benefited from various herbs, creams and mixtures. 
Although we consider the person as a whole, the first area that attracts our attention in a person is the face. Scientific studies have shown that the perception of the face as beautiful or ugly is very independent from the culture. The human brain detects and records whether a face is beautiful or not.

In general, all women take great care of their faces with this awareness. 

The need of having young, fresh, bright face has created companies producing creams, lotions, peeling products. However, the tissue losses occurring in the skin and the subcutaneous during aging of the face could not be prevented with these creams. Fillers were produced to restore the lost volume and fullness due to aging or trauma, to reduce wrinkles and to moisturize the skin from inside. The fact that they can be applied without surgery, they are easy to apply, they give immediate results, there is no side effects of the operations has increased usage rates of these applications and R&D studies made in this field have been used to create more reliable products.

The most popular filler, among these fillers which are divided into three as transient, semi-permanent and permanent, is the hyaluronic acid-containing filler which is the most effective one because side effects are more likely to occur in permanent fillers. These fillers, usually in the form of gels, are used by injecting and they cannot be withdrawn from the area where they are injected.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule which is already found in our body and it can be obtained technologically. Therefore, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is lower than that of animal origin. It has no carcinogenic effect. Although mainly used in percentages, fillers can be used in other parts of the body.
Since the skin and the subcutaneous tissue thickness are not the same in every region of the body, the companies develop and produce products with different molecular size and cross-link ratio to be injected into different areas of the body. The location of these products and the depth of the injection are naturally different. More fluid fillers with less cross-linking ratio are used for the subcutaneous region with a thin skin texture and large molecular weight products with a high cross-linking ratio are used to give volume to the jaw or cheek area. 
As hyaluronic acid is a water-retaining molecule, it gives volume to the body when it is injected and it can be practiced in polyclinic conditions. As mentioned earlier, there are different products to apply to different parts of the body, and only an expert can know on which area they should be used, and different products can be applied to problems in different parts of the body in the same session. 

The areas applied with filling are grooves, lips, detention, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, neck, hands and other areas with loss of tissue in the body. Sometimes, the fillers can be applied to fill the nasal height when nasal ridge is too curved or collapsed due to nose surgery or trauma. The slight asymmetries of the face can also be corrected by filling injections, whether innate or acquired. Filling process can be applied to everyone who has completed adolescence (considering additional health problems). 

It takes 8-12 months depending on the region where the effect is applied, the product brand and the type and the personal characteristics of the person applied. It is destroyed and solved in the body without damaging the body on time.  If the result obtained is not liked by the person applied with filling, there is no return in the permanent fillers and getting rid of these substances may require some difficult surgical procedures. The advantage of fusible fillers is the presence of certain substances that will melt them and they can melt themselves in time.

Some brands have products with painkillers in their injectors as well as local anesthetics can be done with anesthetic creams or needles before starting the application. The application time is 10-20 minutes.

After filling, redness, swelling and bruising may occur according to the sensitivity of the area. Side effects in filling processes are pain at the injection site, swelling and discoloration. Very rarely, granuloma and abscess may occur. Animal or silicone-containing fillers are more persistent and their risk of allergic reaction, cysts and granulomas are also higher.

Aspirin users should stop using Aspirin 1 week before the application and should not use it for 2-3 days after the application, otherwise it may cause intense bruises.

Application of ice after filling injection prevents or reduces the development of bruises.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water for the first few days as hyaluronic acid acts by holding water.

Recently, Bioexpander has become popular in the treatment of skin rejuvenation and wrinkles. Bioexpander is also a type of hyaluronic acid. Since it is very thin, this filler can be safely used around the eye, such as the light filling. As it contains pure hyaluronic acid, it also increases the vitality of the region.