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The implant which is made by abrasion of the teeth is called the covering. The covering is recommended to be applied to the teeth that are overly wrecked or treated with canal treatment for a fracture. With this process, the aesthetic appearance of the tooth is restored and the tooth is reinforced.

What are the Dental Covering Methods?

Zirconium Coating

First of all, we wanted to tell you about the zirconium covering that has become the latest fashion. Because the most preferred type of covering is zirconium. This natural material which is compatible with the body is also highly appreciated with its white appearance and durable structure. For this reason, the prices per tooth are given as ….. TL. Therefore, you can decide whether to benefit from these opportunities according to your budget.

Porcelain Laminate Veneer

This application is more protective. In this context, a very thin thickness of porcelain laminate veneer leaf is adhered on the tooth. It is among the reasons why it does not contain metal. This practice is particularly successful in lightly damaged teeth.

Metal Supported Covering

This type of covering includes the metals placed under the covering, as can be understood from its name. In this way, it is possible to produce durable teeth. However, aesthetic problems may arise in these applications. The reason for this problem is the appearance of the metal underneath. Therefore, this application is not preferred in the rear teeth rather than in the front teeth.

Empress Dental Covering

This method is also known as full porcelain covering. In this method, there must be a tooth in the middle. Therefore, it is not possible to be applied in every case. Before starting the application, some chipped work is carried out around the teeth. In this way, smooth teeth are applied on the coating.