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Contrary to what is believed, Botox is not snake poison; it is a toxin of a bacterium found in nature, called Clostridium botulinum (Botulinum Toxin Type A). The toxin obtained from this bacterium is purified by diluting the it in the form of a drug in a laboratory environment. 
In Turkey, 3 different brands of botulinum toxin from China, India, the USA and Europe. Although Botox is actually the market name of the botulinum toxin produced by Allergan company, it has become a name used for all botulinum toxins in general. Other brand names are Dysport and Neurobloc. 

After detecting that the toxin of the microorganism C. botulinum causes transient muscle palsy, Botox was firstly used by the orthopedists to relax the spastic muscles and by ophthalmologists in the treatment of strabismus. It is foreseen that it can be used to prevent the movement of the facial muscles causing the lines of mimic over time and for this purpose, it has been approved by FDA and begun to be used for aesthetic purposes. It is currently the most widely performed non-surgical aesthetic practice in the world.

Wrinkles on the facial skin are caused by the contraction of the muscles we use to make mimics. Since everyone does not do the same gestures at the same frequency, the thickness and the structure of the skin are not the same, the age and their places may not be exactly the same. In people who have tendency to frown, the eyebrow lines may become quite evident even at the of 20. People who have squinted their eyes or whose eyes are too sensitive to the sun, and are twitched constantly, may have lines which are called goose feet at very early ages. People who use the forehead muscles too much while talking may have horizontal lines. In some people, it may be aging-related, while others may have low eyebrow margins for genetic reasons. This can be treated surgically, or when there is no time for surgery or in case that the person is afraid of the surgery, botox may be used to lift the eyebrows.  Botulunium Toxin A is a treatment method used to remove the horizontal lines in the forehead, the vertical lines between the eyebrows and the eyeballs called goose feet. 

When the botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle that causes the mimics we don't want, it temporarily reduces or stops the contractile function of the muscle, and thus the skin on the muscle flattens because it cannot be wrinkled. Botox application is an easy injection process that can be performed in polyclinic conditions. A slight swelling and redness may occur in the injection site within half an hour.  The effect of the drug usually begins to emerge after 2-3 days and fits fully within 7-10 days. After the first application, the effect usually lasts for 4 months and this duration can last up to 8 months with repeated applications. The amount of the dose, the place and the number of repetitions are the factors that affect the duration.

Botox should not be applied in patients having neurological diseases and are pregnant and breastfeeding; and Botox should be applied after stopping use of Asprine/blood thinning drugs and after treatment of the infection in the areas with active infection in the injection site. 
Botulinum toxin does not spread to the body in cosmetic application doses. Allergic complaints are almost nonexistent throughout the world. Side effect of botulinum toxin is the dropdown of the eyelid depending on the area of application. This dropdown can be treated in 2-3 weeks with some eye drops. 

It is not possible to create new wrinkles or to deepen the wrinkles in the areas under influence of botulinum toxin. 

What we do not want the most is the uncontrolled perspiration while trying to cope with the day's busy pace. Almost everyone takes advantage of deodorant products, called ”anti-perspirants“, to keep sweating under control during the day. However, these products are not sufficient for some people, and the people realize that they are uncomfortable during the day. This case, which is called as hyperhidrosis and means excessive sweating, has an easy solution now. Botulinum toxin A, which is frequently applied to remove facial lines and wrinkles in our face, is a FDA approved product for treatment of hyperhidrosis.

Botulinum toxin A is also commonly known as Botox® or Dysport®. Botulinum toxin A is a neurotoxin and it blocks the transmission of muscles from the nerves as well as weakening the mimic muscles. The person feels comfortable and dry.