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About us

Busem Health Tourism is a travel agency working in Ankara since 1997 and it is a company specialized in transfer, accommodation, flight ticket sales and fleet leasing services. Our aim is to make sure that the needs of our patients are met and to fulfill their wishes professionally and to provide the highest quality service.

Why Turkey?

In the last 9 years, serious investments and improvements have been made in the health sector in our country. We offer the most current treatments to our patients coming with 172 JCI-accredited health care organizations in Turkey. Turkey serves on top of standards with modern hospitals, technological infrastructure and know-how and its doctors and experts.    
The service quality of Turkey's private hospitals have been approved by the global accreditation bodies.  JCI (Joint Comissions International) accredited. It is the 2nd in the world with its Hospitals, Laboratory, Transport Vehicles and Outpatient Treatment Centers.
Turkey has a unique position in which health care organizations, specialists, spa centers, tourist attractions and natural beauties attract people from all social classes.

Why Busem Health?

Busem Health, as a company which has the most professional hospital and doctors portfolio in Turkey, offers the most appropriate and customized treatment to the patients. During the treatment, all needs and wishes of the patient are met through the help of assistants. If the treated patient requests, appropriate entertaining programs and alternatives are created. After the patient returns to his/her country, he/she continues the communication with the patient and also checks the post-treatment process.

Treatment Process

The patients who want to be treated reach to Busem Health Tourism

Complaints, reports and examinations of the patient are sent to Busem Health Tourism via mail.
Reports are submitted to our doctors.
The patient to be treated is informed about the treatment method to be followed and the price of the treatment.
After completion of the visa procedures, our doctor gives an appointment for an appropriate date.
The patient's air ticket, transfer and accommodation needs are organized if he/she requests.
The patient is welcomed at the airport.
Patients are assigned a phone that can be used in Turkey.
The treatment of the patient starts at the selected hospital or health institution.
Transfer of the patient to the airport is completed.
After the patient returns to his own country, he/she is checked within our aftercare program.